When a still painting shows us that we are moving, 2016

This book is part artist’s book, part exhibition catalogue, presenting and discussing a range of recent work by artist David Thomas. The design of the book uses a subtle and understated typographic language and a supple and casual materiality to explore ideas of impermanence, hybridity, and ad hoc minimalism. Thomas’s oeuvre operates on the level of both method and sensibility, to engage with this, I echoed the artist’s use of the brushstroke as evidence of the labour, with a publication that I partly printed, bound and collated by hand. This book is a material assemblage, printed with a mixture of conventional offset printing, newsprinting and Risograph printing.


  • 116pp book
  • Printed with a mixture of Risograph printing on coloured papers, two sections of newsprint printed by Newsprinters, and one section printed in four colour by Printgraphics
  • Type: Monotype Ionic and Monotype Grotesque
  • Published by Surpllus