To Note: Notation across disciplines, 2017

To Note: Notation across disciplines considers the function and significance of notation across creative disciplines throughout history into contemporary practice. Over 5 days practitioners from the disciplines of visual art, dance, sound, design and architecture gathered together to learn more about notation through a series of commissioned lectures and workshops.

I designed this book with Žiga Testen. The biggest design decision we made was to typeset the manuscript only on recto pages, leaving verso pages for a series of new notations that authors added throughout the design process. This design decision brought the texts in the book back to life after almost a year and enabled new insights to come to light. There are also a range of references to the space the lectures and workshops took place in—the strong graphic dots of the RMIT Design Hub are referenced in the holes drilled in the book, the extra heavy punctuation, and the coarsely dot screened photographs.


  • 362pp book
  • Printed on a 65gsm bulky cream paperback paper, with Risograph-printed yellow divider pages and a Natural brown Kraft board cover
  • Type: A customised version of Pica 10 Pitch and Monotype Grotesque
  • Published by Perimeter Editions