Episodic Urbanism, 2015

Episodic Urbanism is about a 20-year project by one architecture office Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design, transforming the urban spaces of RMIT University’s main campus, a project where often things were removed and restored, rather than new things built. The book mirrors this restraint materially, structurally and tonally using its own language of paper, grids and typography. The book begins and ends with un-paginated photo essays, which creates a material symmetry continued throughout the book. Within these discrete material spaces, the typography and grids then play a sophisticated and gentle game of creating unexpected structural and poetic spaces for the content and reader.


  • 192pp book
  • Printed on four different stocks, in one colour (black) and four colour. The stocks range from a satin coated, to a smooth grey pigmented uncoated, to a cream and a white un-calendered high-bulk uncoated—these mark specific sections of the book.
  • Type: Agipo, designed and distributed by Radim Peško
  • Published by Uro Publications