Broken, 2017

Broken is a book chronicling twenty-five years of ocean photography by Jon Frank. Combining memory, conversation and photographs immediately recognisable as his own, Broken not only explores the breaking wave but also the personal history of the artist responsible for creating these influential pictures. The design of the book treads a line between the pragmatic and the poetic, with simple shifts in paper and printing technique to bring out an extra richness in the black and white photography, or to note the text sections front and back. The typography is minimal but workmanlike, with an anonymous but robust elegance.


  • 144pp book
  • Printed mostly 4c on a white matte coated.
  • The cover and one of the 16pp sections is printed with two blacks, for added depth and definition in the B&W photography.
  • Type: Monotype Ionic and Monotype Grotesque